<meta />Fighter: Any number of martial roles found in every race. The Archadian Empire has legions of soldiers and Ivalice has its Royal Army.

Archer:  A ranged weapons specialist. 

Thief: Another common profession but also includes those who scavenge for a living.

White Mage: A magician that focuses on healing magic.

Black Mage: A magician that utilizes the magic for offensive purposes.

Red Mage: A jack of all trades magician, tends to spread his focus out and is unable to learn more powerful magics.

Dancer/Bard: An entertainer, charlatan or other sort.

Gunner: A firearms expert.

Chemist: A mystical brewer of chemicals that heal, enhance, or explode.

Geomancer:  An elemental specalist who uses the enviroment. 

Dark Knight: A high ranking officer in the Archadian Empire’s officer. 

Dragoon: Elite members of the Royal Army of Ivalice.


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